Real street contests have a history in Amsterdam, as you can see in the compilation edits of several of the past real street comps in the city.


The 2013 edition was the first Real Street in 7 years. We showed everybody that this is still the best competition format if you want to see crazy tricks.

1st Rik van Huik & Gino Dangers
2nd Eugen Enin
3rd Sam Crofts


This was the biggest realstreet competition in Amsterdam so far. the IMYTA+. Hosted by legends Jon Julio and Gijs Piss. The top riders in this competition can still be considered the best in the world today with names like Nick Lomax who had his first big win on this event.
1st Nick Lomax & Benny Harmanus


1st Jara Mrstny


2nd albert hooi



1st Linar Ogenia
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1st Yann Coppen
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It’s been said that competitions suck.
“It’s not about skating, but about sponsors”, “The only thing fun about a comp is that you get to see your friends”, “comps are for park rats” “I’d rather go skate some real street”.
These are some of the complaints overheard at many competitions. Well……. Gijs Peetsold came up with the solution. He did something that nobody has ever done before, but something that everyone could’ve come up with.
What did he do……you think.
Well you guessed it.
He took it upon himself to organise….
The first REAL street contest

No trannies, no coping, and no vert skaters taking the street title. No…..this was going to be a competition on real street! Location: Amsterdam.
Gijs had written out a tour to all the good skate spots throughout the city, along with the times that the group would be there, and with the help of Amnon Klein and myself, also produced a list of trams to take you there. This way skaters could join in throughout the whole day, and skaters who got lost could find their way back to their peers.

The contest was set to start at 13:00 hrs. We where supposed to meet at the central station. I arrived early because I didn’t want to miss one second of this day. Upon arriving at the meeting point, my eyes gazed at the site of a whole station hall filled with rollerbladers.

After 15 minutes of shaking hands, it was time to embark on a journey through my hometown of Amsterdam. First stop: Sloterdijk station

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