A Real Street contest is the essence of the sport. This is what the sport is all about. Many people feel that tricks in a skatepark just do not count. They say that the streets are where it should happen. The Real Street Amsterdam  will take place on Sunday May 1st and will start at 13:00 at a perfect spot with plenty of good space to chill, have breakfast and watch everyone rip the spot. Keep track of the Facebook Event Page for possible updates about the contest.

After skating the first spot we will move on to the second, third and finally fourth spot. All spots are close to each other, and traveling between the spots can be done on blades or by bike. More info about the locations is on the Spot Page


The competition will be judged by 2 of our Legends. Gijs Peetsold and Remco Vd Polwill be judging the Real Street Amsterdam 2016 contest this Sunday!