Travel Guide

Amsterdam is one of the major transportation hubs of western Europe, so getting there should be no problem! We’ve got an airport, a harbour, a lot of roads and one of the densest rail networks of the world. On this page we’ll give you all the details to find your way to the city, whether you’re coming by train, plane or car is up to you!

Getting to Amsterdam by car is easy, it’s hard to find a highway in the country that won’t end up at the city. Keep in mind that parking in the city can be troublesome and the rates are sky high. Paying 50 euros per day to park your car isn’t unheard of. You’re better off parking your car at one of the P+R locations on the edge of the city and taking public transport from there to the city center.

Amsterdam has it’s own dedicated airport called Schiphol (AMS), which is located in one of the Polders close to the city. Getting from the airport to the city is a quick 18 minute train ride at the affordable price of a little under 4 euros. You could also take a certified taxi straight to your hotel from the airport, but expect prices way above the price of the train ticket.

If you want to save some money off your airfares, you could also fly to Eindhoven Airport (EIN), which hosts many of the budget airlines like Ryanair and Transavia. If you do, take the train to Amsterdam Centraal from Eindhoven. This train ride takes you from the rural south to the urban center of the country and takes about 90 minutes, a ticket will cost you a little under 20 euros.

With one of the densest rail networks in the world, the train is the perfect way to come to Amsterdam. While most international trains run on Amsterdam Centraal, theres another 9 stations to choose from in the city, so there one close to your hotel no matter where in the city it is located. For international travellers by train we recommend to use the excellent Deutsche Bahn website at to book your ticket.